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Valve Stem Seal (6 mm)

Valve Stem Seal (6 mm)


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Quick Overview

Oil seals are fitted to the valve stems or the guides on both intake and exhaust valves. They prevent too much oil passing down into the combustion chamber. Over time, the inner diameter of the valve guide and the outer diameter of the valve stem may become worn. As valve guides wear, their ability to positively locate the valve to the valve seat decreases. As the valves lose their ability to seal the combustion chamber properly, the engine can lose performance and start to burn oil, leaking from the top of the cylinder head into the intake and exhaust manifolds. Modern engines are fitted with valve stem oil seals which can be replaced if oil leakage occurs.

Compatible Vehicles

AudiA41997Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro1997Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA81997Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro1997Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA41998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA4 Quattro1998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA61998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA6 Quattro1998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA81998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA8 Quattro1998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA41999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA4 Quattro1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA61999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA6 Quattro1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA81999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA8 Quattro1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA42000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS82001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS62002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS82002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiRS62003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS62003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS82003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA32006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA42006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA62006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA6 Quattro2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA8 Quattro2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT Quattro2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA32007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA42007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA62007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA6 Quattro2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA8 Quattro2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiQ72007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiRS42007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT Quattro2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA32008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA42008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA5 Quattro2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA62008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA6 Quattro2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiQ72008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiRS42008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS52008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA62009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA42009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA4 Quattro2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiTT2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiTT Quattro2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiQ72009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA5 Quattro2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiS52009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA32009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA6 Quattro2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiQ52009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA32010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiQ72010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA5 Quattro2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS52010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiQ52010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA62010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA6 Quattro2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA42010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT Quattro2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA52010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA32011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS52011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA52011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS42011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA62011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA42011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiTT Quattro2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA32012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS52012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA52012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS42012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA42012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS42013Base; Sedan; 3.0L; (24)
VolkswagenPassat1998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
VolkswagenBeetle1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
VolkswagenPassat1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
VolkswagenBeetle2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenEuroVan2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenEuroVan2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenEuroVan2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenTouareg2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenTouareg2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGolf2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenPassat2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenRabbit2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenBeetle2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenEos2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenPassat2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenRabbit2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenBeetle2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenRabbit2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenEos2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenPassat2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenR322008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenPassat2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenEos2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenTiguan2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenGTI2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenTouareg2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenRabbit2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenCC2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenBeetle2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenTouareg2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenEos2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTiguan2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenCC2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenBeetle2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGolf2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenPassat2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenEos2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenTiguan2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenCC2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2013Base; Sedan; 3.0L; (24)

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